Here are a number of reviews, either in the form of articles or mini-tests on topics likely to come up in the exam.



Lung Function tests reproduced with thanks to the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Endoscopy Pictures reproduced with thanks to the Department of Gastroenterology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Physiotherapy Article courtesy of Ruth Dentice, Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Cardiac Angiograms/ Questions reproduced with thanks to Dr Brian Bailey, Dept of Cardiology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

EEGs reproduced with thanks to Dr Armin Mohammed, Dept of Neurology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Histology reproduced with thanks to Dr Richard Scolyer, Dept of Anatomical Pathology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Audio files reproduced with thanks to Prof David Stein, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Darley, F.L., Aronson, A.E., and Brown, J.R.  Audio Seminars in Speech Pathology: Motor Speech Disorders.  Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders (1975). For further files and information see .


Lung Function test  1(answer)

Lung Function test  2(answer)

Lung Function test  3(answer)

Lung Function test  4(answer)

Lung Function test  5(answer)

Lung Function test  6(answer)

Lung Function test  7(answer)


Endoscopy Quiz 1

Endoscopy Quiz 2

Endoscopy Quiz 3

Endoscopy Quiz 4

Endoscopy Quiz 5

Endoscopy Quiz 6


Physiotherapy for Medical Staff


Cardiac Angiogram Quiz (2 questions with videos)


EEG Quiz (in Powerpoint format)


Histology 1

Histology 2


Here are some excellent sound files of various dysarthrias which really help differentiate them for the novice; (you will need to unzip them first)

Flaccid dysarthria

Spastic dysarthria

Ataxic dysarthria

Mixed dysarthria (Multiple sclerosis)