Social History


The social history is essential in some cases more essential than the medical history. Fortunately, there is an easy way to remember it (thankyou, Doug)


Family/ Friends including marital status, range of kids ages, who their carer is and the state of their carers health, do they have any friends, problems in the family

Fertility- impotence for men, other issues for women been through IVF?

Food- dietary history, any obesity issues?

Freud- depression including suicide attempts. Ask for organic symptoms of weight loss, sleep change, poor concerntration and memory, poor work performance, suicidal ideation, general mood, feelings of guilt and worthlessness

Fags ask about alcohol in the form of beer or other, forensic history if alcohol is an issue, cigarettes or other drugs

Function including problems with cognition, bladder/ bowels, hearing or visual loss, mobility issues including falls risk, ADLs

Footsteps where do they live, number of steps to the house/ flat

Fun - Hobbies

Finances any difficulty? And the effect on the family.

Feel about illness, future; what they see as their greatest problem.


If this seems quite a lot of remember, perhaps group them into 3 easy to remember areas;


1-     Relationships Friends, family, and Fertility issues

2-     Personal Food, Freud, Fags (EtoH, cigarettes or other), Feel about illness, Function (ADLs)

3-     Environmental Finanaces, Footsteps, Fun